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Waste Paper and Finished Paper Products


Globally Paper Industry is evolving year on year with the vision to

  • Reduce global paper consumption and promote fair access to paper.
  • Maximise recycled fibre content
  • Ensure Social Responsibility
  • Source Fibre Responsibly

Trinityy Resources strives for the growth of the Paper Industry by establishing itself at the core as Trading house. Geographically, paper production is seeing a decline in North America and Europe continent, while many countries around the world build up new paper industries. Asia alone is now providing nearly 50% of the world’s pulp and paper, opening up new paper markets to large populations that had little access to paper in the past.

Products we deal into

    Imported Waste Paper Products
  • OCC (All qualities - 100/0, 98/2, 95/5, 90/10, Number 11 or 12).
  • Hard Mix
  • Soft Mix
  • NCC
  • News Paper
  • Old Books
  • Pringle Boxes
  • Sorted off Paper
  • White Ledger
  • Over Issued news paper (OINP)
  • Old Copies

  • Domestic Waste Paper Products
  • Cardboard Paper
  • White Newspaper
  • Cigarette Boxes
  • Printer / Office waste
  • Magazines

  • Finished Paper Products
  • Corrugation Sheets
  • Hard Boxes
  • Writing and Printing Paper
  • Duplex Board